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    Employment Orientation

    Ocean County Vocational Technical School is proud of the accomplishments we have achieved in providing vocational training programs for students with special educational needs. OCVTS offers shared-time (half day) specialized vocational training programs for Special Needs students at four of our six vocational centers. Our goals are to prepare Special Needs students for the world of work and obtain skills for our daily living

    Special Needs Information   Special Needs Programs

    About Employment Orientation Programs

    The Ocean County Vocational Technical School provides excellence in training for special needs children in Ocean County. The term ‘special needs’ refers to those students that have been classified by a child study team at their home school. The OCVTS Employment Orientation Programs offer a variety of trade areas designed for the special needs student’s success.

    OCVTS Employment Orientation Programs provide hands-on learning through skills training, job shadowing/internships, Cooperative Education and vocational exploration. Classified students may apply for vocational technical training in the special needs programs once they have entered eighth grade and are eligible to participate during grades 9-12. Applications are completed through the home school’s child study team or guidance department and forwarded to the OCVTS Offi ce of Special Services with all necessary data.

    Applicants will participate in a Vocational Assessment Program through the OCVTS Career Readiness Unit. The Career Readiness Unit is a work-oriented environment which explores the world of work relative to definite vocational areas, determining general areas of vocational interest and aptitudes, and identifying an appropriate vocational program for the student in the least restrictive environment. Upon completion of the evaluation a special needs student may be recommended for one of the Employment Orientation Programs. This process in no way eliminates a student from the possibility of acceptance.

    Students in an Employment Orientation Program who exhibit strong interests and competencies in a specific vocational area may be placed in a regular vocational program. The mainstreaming of special needs students from the Employment Orientation Program follows a carefully planned sequence to insure that the student is appropriately placed. Once a student placement has been made, continual follow-ups are conducted to insure that the student is progressing satisfactorily.

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    School to Work Transition

    The OCVTS Transitioning Program consists of a variety of activities to better prepare students in making the transition to life after high school. Our school-based learning programs are reinforced with a work-based learning component. Depending on their age and grade level, students participate in tours, job shadowing, job sampling, community service projects and other related activities. Students in their senior year complete a Job Readiness Workbook. Graduating seniors receive a resume highlighting their skills, education, activities, and work history. All graduating seniors and their parents are encouraged to attend our Senior Parent Transition Night. Key community agencies attend and answer the big question. “How can we help you now?” Transitioning at OCVTS is a collaborative effort between our staff, our students, their parents, and community agencies. By working together…….everyone benefits.

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    Cooperative Education

    Qualified or second year students may be eligible for one of our cooperative work programs. Students are placed in jobs directly related to their course of study while they continue to earn credits towards their certification. This program is generally set up so students attend their vocational school a minimum of one day a week and develop their skills on the job the other four days. This cooperative program involves students, parents, employers, the home school and the vocational school. This program permits a smooth transition from school-based learning and paid employment.

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    Career Readiness

    The Career Readiness experience provides individuals, grades eight through twelve, with the opportunity to participate in a work-orientated environment. Workstations and other exploratory activities are designed to provide students with a hands-on experience in various occupational areas. These activities give students the opportunity to experience first-hand what it is like working with tools and machinery associated with different occupations.

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    Career Readiness Assessment Plan

    As a result of the Career Readiness process, a complete report is submitted to the home school for each student. The report identifies the student’s interests, abilities, and aptitudes based on his/her performance and experience in the Career Readiness Unit.

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    Program Length

    This Career Readiness Unit operates on a shared-time concept (half day at the home school – half day at the unit). The process generally takes up to five days to complete.

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    Job Shadowing/Internship

    The Ocean County Vocational Technical School has designed a Job Shadowing/Internship/Job Sampling agreement with many Ocean County employers. We take pride in the ever-growing number of businesses that have joined our educational family; thereby, affording our students the opportunity to have work-based learning activities. This agreement is designed to help our students with the transition from formal education to employment through the utilization of actual on-the-job experiences.

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    Related Academics

    Related academics are implemented within each of the Employment Orientation programs. This enables the special needs student to gain the Math and English skills necessary to succeed in a chosen field.

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    Student Activities

    Students who attend OCVTS may participate in several state and vocational organizations that promote leadership development and skill recognition. Some of these groups sponsor state and national level contests. In the past, our students have earned gold, silver and bronze medals for their outstanding achievements.

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