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    Page Title| Administration  Non-Traditional Career Choices

    Discover the Non-Traditional Career Opportunities
    for Women and Men

    It is important that all students are encouraged to develop a career plan based on their strengths and interests. Yet, people are sometimes discouraged from pursuing their dreams because certain career fields may not fit into traditional gender roles.

    While today's society allows for the freedom to choose any career, there are still many areas for men and women in today's job market considered non-traditional.

    NON-Traditional Career Defined
    A non-traditional career is defined as one where fewer than 25% of the workforce is of your gender.

    For women
    Non-traditional career paths fall into a few broad categories; jobs which are laborintensive, science/technology and supervisory.

    For men
    These careers tend to involve education, health and service-related jobs.

    Opportunities for Women and Men
    While today's society allows for the freedom to choose any career, there are still many areas for men and women in today's job market considered nontraditional.

    There are quite a few benefits for choosing a non-traditional career path.

    • The most important benefit is pursuing your own dreams and the satisfaction of working in the field of your choice.

    • Careers, which tend to be non-traditional for one gender, often experience a shortage of qualified, trained workers. Therefore, good jobs are available and skilled workers are in demand.

    • Studies demonstrate that females in non-traditional careers have the potential for greater earnings than women in traditional roles.

    • Working in a non-traditional career field can offer exciting options; studies show that a more diverse workforce can create a more creative and productive work environment.



    • Child Care Workers
    • Cosmetologists
    • Dental Assistants
    • Hygienists
    • Medical Assistants
    • Nurses


    • Airline Pilots
    • Architects
    • Cabinetmakers
    • Construction Workers
    • Carpenters
    • Chefs
    • Electricians
    • Firefighters
    • Groundskeepers
    • Machinists
    • Mechanics
    • Printing Press Operators
    • Welders

    If you are considering a non-traditional career, there are a few things you can do to make an informed decision:

    Gather as much information as possible regarding the career field of your choice:

    the necessary education
    the physical demands
    the typical work environment
    the possibilities for advancement
    specialized training programs

    Consult your guidance or career counselor
    Speak with instructors of the program
    Talk to successful people in the field
    Search for job shadowing opportunities
    Search for volunteer or part-time employment
    in your career field

    Once you have the facts you can plan for your
    future, follow your dreams, and pursue a career
    that really interests you.

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