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    A program coordinated between labor, industry and education to prepare individuals for a
    specific-skilled trade, craft or occupation.

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    Maintenance Mechanic
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    Apprentice Classes
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    What is an Apprentice Program?

    An apprenticeship program is a voluntary arrangement between an employer (sponsor) and employee (apprentice). As a part of this agreement, the employer agrees to provide the apprentice with on-the-job-training (work processes) and the apprentice agrees to attend a related-instruction class for a specified time frame. Ocean County Vocational Technical School will provide the related and technical training through Adult Education coursework. The apprentice, as well as his/her employer, will be registered with the United States Department of Labor when an agreement is signed.
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    How do you become a registered apprentice?

    To become a registered apprentice, you must be working in the field of your choice with an employer willing to sponsor you. It is important to have a sincere desire to learn a trade. Contact our Apprenticeship Coordinator as soon as you decide to become a registered apprentice.
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    What else should the apprentice know?

    1. Apprenticeships vary from one to four years in length. 2. 2000 hours per year of on-the-job-training are required for each year of the apprenticeship. 3. 144 hours per year in the related-instruction program are required. 4. These programs are designed to provide persons working in the trade with related instruction, necessary to advance in their jobs and to qualify for BAT journeyman status.
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    Why complete an apprenticeship?

    Upon completion of an apprenticeship, you will receive a completion certificate from the US Department of Labor. Employers honor this certificate nationwide.
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    Apprenticeship Regulations

    1. Please note that the programs are scheduled from one to four years of classes. All classes meet two nights a week for both the Fall and Spring semesters. Each student, whether a registered apprentice or non-registered apprentice, is responsible to meet all of the same requirements of the course including (but not limited to) class work and attendance. 2. To receive a certificate at the end of the school year, ALL STUDENTS must attend a minimum of 144 hours of the scheduled classes for the entire year. 3. There will be no excuses for overtime work.
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    The Apprentice Coordinator

    The School of Adult Education currently provides an Apprenticeship Coordinator who is available to register persons who have their employer’s support as apprentices. The coordinator can help you plan your training at Ocean County Vocational Technical School. Please call 732.473.3159 Monday through Friday from 9:00AM-1:00PM to talk directly with the coordinator of the apprenticeship programs. The US Department of Labor identifies over 800 occupations as apprenticeable. Employers who wish to start apprentice programs for their employees can also receive assistance in developing an apprenticeship training program.
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    The Apprentice Prerequisites

    The Apprenticeship Coordinator will evaluate all new applicants’ trade and educational experience to determine if advanced standing in the program will be given. Successful completion of a 144-hour course and a passing grade allows the apprentice to continue in the program. In New Jersey, union and open shops are eligible for apprentice training.
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