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    Page Title| Administration  Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

    Full Time Academy FAQ's

    Marine Academy of Technology & Envornmental Science (MATES)
    Performing Arts Acadmy (PAA)

    OCVTS's General FAQ's

    Question ( Q )  Answer ( A )

    Program Areas Defined

    Q. What is Shared Time?
    Shared Time- Students may attend during their junior and senior year of high school. Students attend “home school” for half a day and are transported by bus to the vocational center for the other half. Morning Session from 7:45AM to 10:10PM, Afternoon Session 10:50PM to 1:15PM.

    Q. What are Academies?
    Academies- Academies are full-time high schools with an emphasis on a specific career major. Students enter at the ninth grade level and receive a rigorous four year academic program which fulfills all requirements for high school graduation.

    Q. What is After High School?
    After High School- This option offers students several flexible options for those interested in career advancement, certification, or a new career direction. Daytime (within the hours of 7:45AM- 1:15PM), twilight (2PM-7PM), or evening hours (6:30PM-9:30PM) may be available.

    Q. What is Adult/Evening?
    Adult/Evening- Adult students can attend a variety of programs for licensing and certification in the hours of (6:30PM to 9:30PM)

    Q. What is Twilight?
    Twilight- This option is for Cosmetology/Automotive applicants who have already graduated high school. Twilight program: 10 months, 5 days a week, 2-7PM.

    Q. What is Special Needs?
    Special Needs- Classified high school students may attend an Employment Orientation program , designed for students with special needs. Students who apply must complete a vocational evaluation which will help identify an appropriate vocational program through exploration of different vocational areas and aptitudes. Students attend “home school” for half a day and are transported by bus to the vocational center for the other half. Morning Session from 7:45AM to 10:10PM, Afternoon Session 10:50PM to 1:15PM.

    More General FAQ's

    What are the Advantages of a Career Elective at OCVTS?

    - Receive between 10 and 15 elective credits from the home high school per year
    - Earn college credits to jump start a college education through Tech Prep agreements
    - Receive a certificate of completion from OCVTS, in addition to various national certifications
    - Receive assistance with job placement in related fields of employment
    - Receive scholarship assistance for ‘After High School’ vocational programs

    Q. Who Should Attend Ocean County Vocational Technical School?

    A. The Ocean County Vocational Technical School offers career majors in over 30 areas for students going on to college or directly to the world of work. OCVTS works hand-in-hand with sending schools to provide a complete education for high school students. Students may attend during their junior and senior year, as well as post graduate. The students attend “home school” for half a day and are transported to the vocational center for the other half. Ties are maintained with the home school, where they pursue academic classes, take part in sports or other extracurricular activities, and graduate. Guidance and career counseling services are jointly provided by the vocational school and the home school. Students receive a certificate from OCVTS, as well as a high school diploma from their home school.

    Q. Are there prerequisites to apply to Ocean County Vocational Technical School?

    A.In order to be enrolled at the Ocean County Vocational Technical School, a student must receive a recommendation from his/her counselor. The student should have successfully completed the tenth grade to enter any of the two year courses. Some programs will require an entrance exam and acceptance will be based on the results of that exam. All applicants interested in Child Care Professions, Employment Orientation Service Occupations, Culinary Arts programs or medical-related programs will be responsible for getting a Mantoux test for tuberculosis prior to the start of the school year. Grades and high school attendance may be reviewed prior to acceptance. Once enrolled at OCVTS, attendance is strictly monitored and directly affects a student’s grade. Poor attendance can impact enrollment status. Additional application forms are available from the home school guidance counselor, the OCVTS Student Services and Admissions Department, school counselors at each OCVTS center and at www.ocvts.org.

    Q. What is a Tech Prep Agreement? (EARN COLLEGE CREDITS)

    A. Tech Prep is short for "Technical Preparation." It is a nationally recognized program which focuses on providing a meaningful education and career preparation for a large number of high school students, whose immediate educational goals following high school include an associate degree at a community college or post secondary institution.

    The Ocean County Vocational Technical School has embraced the Tech Prep philosophy, expanding it to include both full and part-time programs. Agreements are in place with more than 20 institutions allowing students the opportunity to earn college credits. This gives students a jump start on a college education and prevents the duplication of course work at the college level. The following programs offer Tech Prep opportunities:

    View our programs that offer Tech Prep opportunities



    Visit the Contact section of our website to select a department or call (1-732-244-1122), and one of our educational specialists will help you on your way to becoming more educated.

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