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    Page Title| Happenings News Stories  2014


    August 25, 2014

    Jean Sullivian, August 25, 2014

    MATES Senior Dawn Parry, one of eight high school seniors in the U.S. chosen to be in the Honors Research Program of Ocean Exploration Trust, with Dr. Robert Ballard at the University of Rhode Island, in July 2014. Dawn and the other seniors in the program heard a presentation from Ballard and had lunch with him during their three and half week stay at the university preparing for their explorations aboard the Nautilus research vessel at sea.


    OCEAN COUNTY, NJ- Dawn Parry, an incoming senior at the Ocean County Vocational Technical School's Marine Academy of Technology and Environmental Science (MATES), was one of eight high school seniors from across the US selected to participate in the prestigious Nautilus Exploration Program. The Nautilus Progam was founded by Dr. Robert Ballard, the marine scientist who had discovered the Titanic ruins.

    Dawn, 17, a lifelong Point Pleasant Borough resident, was chosen as a participant in this Honors Research Program to work with marine scientists from the Ocean Exploration Trust. The Honors Research Program brought eight rising high school seniors from across the U.S. to the University of Rhode Island Graduate School of Oceanography for a three and a half week academic summer program followed by one week aboard the Exploration Vessel Nautilus, a 64-meter research vessel, based in the Caribbean Sea.

    Dawn's time aboard the Nautilus, from August 23 through August 29 involved the exploration of the Mesoamerican Reef off the Belizean coast and the Windward Passage off the Jamaican and Haitian coasts.

    Dawn, while aboard the Nautilus on Aug. 25, talked about how honored she was to be selected for the highly competitive opportunity to learn and explore with marine scientists. "The best thing about this program is being on watch with scientists in the control room on board the Nautilus," Dawn said. "This program is great because I'm learning about oceanography and gaining experience and knowledge I can use throughout my college life and in my career."

    "One of the major goals of our Nautilus Exploration Program is to inspire the next generation of explorers," said Expedition Leader and OET Executive Vice President, Dr. Katherine Croff Bell. "So we're very excited to provide educators and students with the direct experience of pure exploration, while allowing them the opportunity to share their experience far and wide with their peers."

    The Nautilus Exploration Program was founded in 2008 by Dr. Robert Ballard. The international exploration program centers on scientific exploration of the seafloor launched from aboard the Exploration Vessel Nautilus and additional research vessels. The Program also includes an education component that brings Educators and students on ocean expeditions. The 2014 Nautilus Exploration Program sponsors are the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration, Bechtel, Sea Research Foundation, Office of Naval Research, the Viola and Panthers Foundations, Alcoa, National Geographic Society, University of Rhode Island, and additional private donors.

    The Marine Academy of Technology and Environmental Science (MATES) is administered by the Ocean County Vocational Technical School District. Established in 2001, MATES provides a unique, nurturing, and challenging hands-on learning experience for college bound and career-oriented students.. MATES is designed to give students a rigorous academic curriculum with a concentration in the areas of math, science and technology. Additional focus is given in marine and environmental science. Students participate in fieldwork at a variety of local ecosystems. Students gain vital experience through research studies and internships.

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